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areas of expertise

  • IFRS and PBE reporting
  • Corporate finance and financial modelling
  • Data analysis
  • External audit procedures
  • Business processes internal controls review

As a graduate, Jona joined KPMG as an Auditor, and worked on audits of small non-for-profit organisations to large publicly listed companies. 

Jona joined Eden Palmer Prewett in 2017 and has thoroughly enjoyed gaining further experience in other accounting services.  He enjoys enabling for-profit clients to grow their business and maximise their wealth and non-for-profit clients meet their objectives in serving their communities.

In his spare time, Jona loves to spend quality time with family and friends and enjoys playing sports

If you’d like to speak to Jona about any of your business or accounting needs, feel free to contact him on +64 9 636 3332 during business hours.


Ph: +64 9 636 3332


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