We are currently working on…

  • GST returns for the 31 October period (due by 28th November)
  • We will aim to complete November 2014 GST returns before Christmas

Latest Inland Revenue Business Tax Update…. IRD has released its latest Business Tax Update (you can read it online here). Topics cover:

  • Employing casual staff over the holiday period
  • Employees getting perks?
  • Filing 2014 November & December returns on time
  • Refunds sent in error
  • Business Tax Update Reader Survey

Important Tax Dates We have updated the important tax dates on our blog site. Click here if you need to check what dates are coming up.

Changes to the Charities Act 2005 relating to audit and financial assurance have now been legislated

  • Large charitable entities  (operating expenditure more than $1m in the previous 2 accounting periods) are to be audited by a qualified auditor.
  • Medium sized entities (operating expenditure $500k or more in the previous two accounting periods) are to have financial statements to be reviewed or audited by qualified auditor
  • Offence results in a maximum fine of 50k.
  • Review or audit to be carried out in accordance with the auditing and assurance standards.

Office closing dates for the holiday break We intend to close our offices for the summer break on Friday 19th December, and re-opening on Monday 12th January 2015. Emails and phone messages will be cleared from time to time. If you have an urgent query over this time, contact Steven Perich on 0274-499-466.