Latest WILCO newsletter

Our latest newsletter has been posted on our blog site (access it here), covering:

  • Employment law changes
  • ACC levies reductions
  • Changes to Parental leave
  • Business perspective – Craft Collective, a new business

Recent IRD activity

IRD are in a state of great change, and we are receiving various reports of strange goings on including random letters being sent directly to our clients (usually, tax letters come from our office).  Our recommendation is to refer all IRD communications to us as your tax agent.  We strongly recommend that no payments are made to IRD without checking with an EPPL accountant first.

2015 Financials

We have completed our scheduling of your 2015 annual accounts and will be sending out a reminder for the month we’re aiming for this week.  Watch this space…

IRD Benchmarking

Are you aware that IRD is developing its benchmarking database and analysis tools?  This has implications for businesses that financially perform outside the benchmark range for their industry.  Click here to read more on the IRD website, or call us to discuss this.

Important Tax Dates

We have updated the important tax dates on our blog site.  Click here if you need to check what dates are coming up.