The latest issue of the business insider newsletter has recently been sent out.  In this issue you will find the following helpful topics:-

  • Host responsibly this festive season: Workplace events are a great way to build team spirit and round off a busy year.  If you’re treating your staff this festive season – especially if you’re serving alcohol – here are some tips to help you be a responsible host while ensuring everyone has a great time.    
  • Do you work multiple jobs? Here’s what you need to know if you’re a freelancer or contractor working in temporary jobs.    
  • Hawke’s Bay: Free business events this November.  Give your business a boost with free one-on-one expert sessions, workshops and inspiring stories from small businesses. 
  • Free health and safety check: The SafePlus online tool is a quick and easy way to assess health and safety with your workers, find areas to improve and start taking action. 
  • Get set for summer: From claiming expenses and staff leave to Christmas parties and festive cash flow, start prepping for summer now to make the most of the holiday season.      
  • R&D Tax incentive: Check if your R&D activities are eligible for a 15% tax credit and enroll now. 

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