The following key articles are in this month’s issue of the business insider newsletter:-

  • Advice for sole traders struggling with debt:- Debt can be a normal part of being in business.  But it’s important to know how much debt is too much for you.  Find out more about how to get back on track, plus details of government financial support for self-employed people. 
  • Selling online: How to protect your website – With more customers messaging, buying or booking online, it’s important to safeguard their information.  Check out four simple steps to secure your website. 
  • Check if you might run out of cash:- A revamped cash flow forecaster helps you see month by month if you risk spending more than you earn.  It’s common when changing your business or during seasonal ups and downs.
  • Health and safety: Free assessment!  Every business needs to involve its people in keeping everyone safe and healthy.  The SafePlus online took helps you see what works well and what can improve.  It’s free and you’ll get advice tailored for your business. 
  • COVID-19 Income Relief Payment – For people who lose jobs due to COVID-19 between 1 March and 30 October 2020. Employees and self-employed people may be eligible.  Applications close 13 Nov 2020.
  • Pivoting your business: Tips to plan a strategy – When changing how you do business, it pays to plan.  This helps you pivot in a way that fits with your business goals and strategy. 

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