You will find the following interesting topics in this months issue of the business insider newsletter:-  

  • Start selling online: Opening an online store extends your market.  It’s a chance to connect with customers and build your brand.  Get tips for selling products or services online.
  • Trade marks: Do you own your brand?  If you haven’t taken steps to protect your name, slogan or logo, they may not be yours.  Check them now with a free online tool.
  • Keeping outdoor workers safe in the sun: If you have employees who work outside, it’s important to manage how much ultraviolet (UV) radiation they are exposed to.  Get SunSmart.
  • Law updates for landlords and tenants: New rules now apply for when tenants are liable for property damage, requirements for insurance statements, and more. 
  • Employers: Get ready for summer – from Christmas gifts and staff leave to seasonal workers, check out tips and guides to make your summer a stunner.
  • Migrant workers: Getting visa applications right.  If you’re hiring someone from overseas, they’ll need to apply for a visa.  Here are some tips for employers to speed up the process.

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